The 11th Canada-China Film Festival

presented rich contents and excellent films

As the chief co-organizer of the event, CITPS also successfully hosted the “Canada-China Leading-edge Entertainment Technology Forum”

The 11th Canada-China Film Festival held in New Westminster on 5th of this month was very successful. It was hosted by Canada-China Film and Television Cultural Association and co-organized by Canada International Trade Promotion Society (CITPS), including 3 segments. The mayor of New Westminster Jonathan X Cote attended the luncheon and expressed congratulation and wishes to join hands with the attendees to make the New Westminster’s economy continue to prosper. More than 40 people from politicians and film artists attended the luncheon.

A three hour of “Canada-China Leading-edge Entertainment Technology Forum” was held in the afternoon, which was sponsored by CITPS and presided by Madam Lily Hoi Shan Au, director of CITPS. Six professionals including Madam Cheryl-Leen (also director of CITPS), president of Canada Fast Amusement Production Consultant Co., Doctor Chen Chi, secretary general of Guangdong Network New Audio-Visual Media Association, Li Zonghan, vice president of Construct Studio of San Francisco gave their speeches which received continuous applause. Mr. Ji Wei, senior professor of Beijing Film Academy was invited to give closing speech. The best documentary “The Search for Freedom” was showed on the forum.

As the highlight of the event, the opening ceremony of Canada-China Film Festival and the award ceremony were held at five o'clock in the afternoon. Fang Suzhen from Canada-China Film and Television Association interviewed with many medias.  Doctor Tang Han from the organizer and the cultural consul Hu Xiao from Chinese Consulate spoke at the ceremony. At the award ceremony followed, the film “Looking for the Holy land” was the biggest winner which won best director, actor and actress. Nearly 100 people attended the award ceremony in an exciting atmosphere. And the film “City in Love” was showed.





   本月五号在新西敏举办的第十一届加拿大—中国电影节非常成功。本次影展由加中影视文化协会主办及加拿大国际贸易促进会协办。共有三个环节,中午,新西敏市市长乔纳森.郭堤(Jonathan X Cote)Cote出席了影展的午餐会,他表达了对电影节召开的祝贺并表示愿与与会有识之士共建新西敏市经济繁荣。参加午餐会的各界政要及影业艺术家代表四十多人。

   当日下午由加拿大国际贸易促进会主办了近三个小时的“加中尖峰影视娱乐技术论坛”,、论坛由该会理事区海珊主持。加拿大花氏娱乐制作顾问公司总裁花雪丽女士(Cheryl-Lee Fast)(她也是该会理事)、中国广东省网路视听新媒体协会秘书长陈持博士、美国旧金山看思筑工作室副总裁李宗翰等六位专业人士作了演讲,听众掌声不断。论坛有幸邀请到北京电影学院资深教授季伟先生做压轴讲话,还播放了影展的最佳纪录片《探索自由》。