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5月8日至10日,中国广东省委书记胡春华率广东省代表团访问加拿大,出席了中国(广东)—加拿大(不列颠哥伦比亚)经贸合作交流会,并会见了加拿大总理特鲁多、众议长里甘等。 80家中方企业、150名企业代表和约400名外方企业代表参加本次经贸合作交流会,现场签署合作项目29个、金额40.2亿美元。代表团在加拿大访问期间,有关方面签署了《中国广东省政府与加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省政府关于加强海洋与经济互联互通、建设“一带一路”的谅解备忘录》和其他有关教育及技术等合作谅解备忘录。中国驻加拿大大使罗照辉、深圳市市长许勤、驻温哥华总领事刘菲等参加相关活动。我会会长郑小玲女士积极参加了两省的各种交流活动,并荣幸地被邀请参加了广东有关领导和加拿大华侨华人代表座谈会。今后我会将努力促进卑诗、广东两省的多层次多领域交流合作,推动加中友好进入新的发展阶段。

Guangdong delegation's visit greatly boosts Canada-China economic and trade cooperation. Party secretary of the Guangdong provincial committee Hu Chun hua led a Guangdong delegation to visit Canada from May 8th to 10th. During visit, Hu attended China (Guangdong) - Canada (British Columbia) Economic and Trade Cooperation Seminar and also met with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, Speaker of the House Geoff Regan, etc. More than 80 Chinese enterprises, 150 representatives of enterprises and 400 Canadian companies’ representatives participated in the seminar and signed 29 cooperation projects worth a total of 40.2 billion dollars. The seminar included a signing ceremony for Memorandum of Understanding between the government of Guangdong and the government of British Columbia on ocean and economy interconnection and the One Belt One Road Initiative as well as educational and technical cooperation. Ambassador Luo Zhao hui, mayor of Shenzhen Xu Qin and Chinese Consul General in Vancouver Liu Fei accompanied the Party secretary throughout the visit. The president of CITPS Jeannie Cheng took an active part in the Guangdong-BC exchange activities and was honor to be invited as representative of the overseas Chinese to attend the forums with leaders of Guangdong. CITPS will play a more active part in the promotion of  the  multi-level exchanges and cooperation between BC and Guangdong in various fields and help to push Canada-China friendship into a new stage of development.

2016 中国广东省委书记胡春华率广东省代表团访问加拿大

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