Ms Angela Wu FANG, vice president of Canadian International Trade Promotion Society, is also honorary president of Nanaimo Chinese Cultural Society of Canada.

She enthusiastically  funded 2016 Happy Chinese Year BC tour show - Percussion Musicals Mu Lan - which made a big stir recently in western Canada.

Her Nanaimo Chinese Cultural Society accomplished all the organization for Mu Lan ‘s show in Nanaimo successfully.

On February 5, 2016 , Nanaimo Port Theater were filled with people and the performance of  Mu Lan  won thundering applause, the legend from distant China not only provided a shock to the audience's audio-visual enjoyment, but also moved the people’s hearts.


我加拿大国际贸易促进会付会长安吉利。方女士, 同为加拿大乃莫华人联谊会的荣誉会长。她热情资助了前不久轰动加西的2016年打击乐音乐剧《木兰》欢乐中国年BC巡演演出。她所在的"那莫华人联谊会"出色地完成了木兰剧在那磨市演出的全部组织安排工作。2016年2月5日在当地的著名海港剧院的打击乐音乐剧《木兰》演出座无虚席,掌声如雷。这个来自遥远中国的传奇故事震撼视听,感动人心!